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Han – Viet Company specializes in providing visa and travel services. With over 10 years of experience, we are proud to bring you the visa application services to Korea according to different purposes such as travel, work, visit relatives …

Visa services to go abroad professionally. As a service of Vietnam Discovery Travel, Han – Viet specializes in supporting Vietnamese citizens to apply for a visa to travel abroad, work or visit relatives simply, quickly and easily.

As known, South Korea is a country that is always attractive to tourists not only thanks to the film effects, leading entertainment technology developed that South Korea is one of the European countries. Asia owns beautiful landscapes to heart. Many Vietnamese come to Korea to travel, study, work, marry, etc. In order to entry Korea, Vietnamese citizens must apply for a Korea visa.

The country is known to be one of the countries with complex visa systems because Korea visas are divided into many types based on the status and purpose of visa applicants. Making a dream come to Korea is no longer difficult with many services to apply for a professional Korea Visa in Han – Viet Company.


– Consult each visa information and visa policy of each Consulate.

– Visa to Korea for traveling, studying.

– Visa to Korea for visiting relatives.

– Visa to Korea for working.

– Visa to Korea for marriage.

– Booking air tickets, good price hotel

Depending on the need to entry Korea, you will be consulted Korea – Viet to prepare the documents, visa application accordingly. Professional visa service of Han – Viet Company will be a good choice for your visa application process. Come to Han – Viet, you will be consulted staff dedicated and guide to complete all necessary procedures to be able to apply for a successful visa.

Han – Viet Company specializes in providing visa and travel services. Especially, together with the service of applying for marriage registration, entry and exit, registration of airline tickets, travel documents, work, visit to relatives and study abroad. Depending on the purpose of the trip, there will be different rules and requirements that the Korean Embassy will require different visa application requirements.


– Experience over 10 years in the profession.

– Support all customers to complete the necessary formalities for Visa.

– Create a real profile, absolutely not fake.

– Quick completion time.

– Sign clear contracts.

– Visa application rate pass up to 99%.

– Get your Visa back at your request.

– Set the customer’s rights on first.

With over 10 years of experience, we are proud to bring you the visa service to Korea according to different purposes. Visa service of Han – Viet ensures fast, safe procedures at reasonable cost. Customers can be assured and confident when consulting visa at the company.

Han – Viet will simplify your application, the representative will apply for a visa to travel to the Embassy, so you will not have to spend much time doing the administrative procedures. Use visa service of Han – Viet to get the best service for you.

In particular, the service for marriage visa is of particular interest. Korea marriage visa is a type of visa for foreigners who marry Korean nationals. The process of applying for this visa has never been easy because of the complicated paperwork. Han – Viet will simplify the procedures and information for visa services to Korea. Hope to help on your Korea marriage visa application process.

Air ticket booking service is easier with Han – Viet. We offer a richer selection with good ticket price support services and introduce Korean side tours for your safest trip. Customers can also choose the desired journey, Han – Viet will directly contact the Korean side. Especially, Han – Viet always has good price with a team of dedicated consultants for your booking needs.
In addition, Han – Viet also provides cosmetic products, functional foods originating from Korea with clear origin, ensuring health and safety for everyone.


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